Why did you make this site?

I’m a marketer and b2b video guy. I make video and consume business podcast content. I have recently begun to notice a particular jump-style cut way to edit video and podcasts where information is delivered as fast as your brain wants it. The interviewees sound better, no hesitation or time-sucking moments to breath, um’s and ah’s.

So I started to edit a video jump-style. Five hours and hundreds of cuts later, I chopped off 20 minutes of wasted time from a one hour video. That’s an eternity online, and I sound smarter. You literally edit by looking at the space between two sound waves.

The forms are full of users asking to automate and make the process smart. The vision is for a batch audio and video pre-processor to cut out dead air and compress silence in video. If you are an FFMPEG developer, reach me at doug at clickyet dot com.

This is also my way of showing my next employer how I can build a brand experience from scratch.