Welcome to TimeBolt's new website! 

Jun 10, 2020
Automatic video editor
With zero code in a 28-day challenge I pulled off a rich website w/ connected lead system, SEO,…plus my favorite—a Video Hub. TimeBolt hit six hundred downloads with 35% MoM growth since January. 

But a platform change was not my idea. 

I was using SquareSpace. Then TimeBolt customer Jacob Howard said our site looked dated. I knew it was getting truer by the week. We have grown. So Jacob got me started on Kajabi and even offers video Kajabi training (hence the need to edit video at scale). 
I also didn't have to ask my co-founder Quinston Pimenta for much hands-on. He was able to stay in-product where his tech chops have gotten us some of the most remarkable software reviews I've seen. Even ones you're not meant to see
To fulfill a desktop subscription model with license keys and global payments we need the full flexibility of one platform—FastSpring. We sell annual, monthly, and lifetime access to MAC & PC software. Love the new interface!
Thanks MailChimp for letting us hit 2,000 subscribers before charging me. I won’t forget that! 
I also sell cars for Jim Butler Kia. I’m six months into car sales, use video to sell, and hit 17 last month! You won’t believe how auto connects us all. Next story for sure!