Every feature in TimeBolt

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Capture Screen + Webcam — You can capture your screen + webcam right in TimeBolt (beta). Allow permissions when capture is first opened for screen, microphone, and camera. Because capture is a desktop software any part of your screen is game. 


Select Track — TimeBolt will read multiple audio tracks in an MP4 file. You can select to include all or choose which tracks to ignore. 
If you filter native in TimeBolt the file is flattened into one audio track with the ignored audio re-synced after the cuts are made. If you export XML all audio tracks will be imported and can be modified as separate tracks but newly synced to the cuts. 
Preview Playback Rate — Increase rate of timeline playback to edit scene by scene at 1-4x speed. 
Select Preview Chunk — For videos over an hour, TimeBolt batches video into 60 minute chunks. Select from the drop down to edit each 60-minute section. All settings are applied to all chunks. 
Flip Timeline Selection -- ever want to see what minutes of silence and awkward pauses looks like? TimeBolt can reverse the process so you can have fun and find new uses! 
Automatic Video Editor


Remove Silences Longer Than — Specify the minimum duration of silence (in seconds) to detect for deletion. Optimal value for processing speed is .5 seconds.
Filter Below — Optimal value is between -30 to -40 db. Increase to capture more audio, decrease to capture less. 
Click 'Update Silence Detection' to preview the output. 
Ignore Detections Shorter Than — Ignore noise shorter than a specific time value to cut random noise from a mic clip or cough. (See how to Edit Zoom Video quickly with this feature!)
Left Padding — Add padding to the leading edge of a sound. Optimal value is .01.
Right Padding — Prevent early cut off of the trailing edge of a sound. Optimal value is .15


Manual Editing -- Cut or keep any word or scene on a timeline with quick keys.

Most important Shortcuts:

O - Turn scenes off / on

S - Split timeline

L - Speed up Preview 

Up / Down Arrow - skip from scene to scene 



FastForward — Speed up rather than cut silences. Set the minimum duration of silence for speed ramp, and choose between 2,3,4x speed. Note: Speed ramps do not export into XML. To use FastForward you must filter in TimeBolt. 
Transitions — Select from over 30 different transition alternatives to the jump cut. Transitions do not export into XML. To use Transitions you must filter in TimeBolt. Optimal Settings:
1. Left padding .15
2. Right padding .15
3. Transition Duration .1
NOTE: If value of left / right padding is not set to be .05 more than the transition duration, audio will crackle in the rendered video. 
Select Looping Background Music — use any mp3 file to loop background audio at a % mean of the original source file. 
Jump cut video editor



Output file path — Change the destination to save output file in a folder or directory other than the source file. 

Add to render Queue — After editing a file, click add to render queue. You can then continue to edit other files or click 'Start Rendering' to filter the output with TimeBolt. Remove jobs by clicking close in the Task Queue. 

Jump Cut Rendering

Export Clips -- Export to iMovie or Camtasia. Select 'Export Cuts' and import all rendered cut files as individual videos (minus the silence) into any editor. Unlike XML export this option allows you to keep speed ramps! 

Export XML -- export XML into Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Export EDL into Resolve. The process is unique so watch video on workflow for each: See video hub


Simply Right click on any scene on the timeline. Select the zoom amount, and where to focus. 

Use keyboard shortcuts to do it even FASTER:

  • 'P' to cycle zoom amount
  • 'ALT' or 'Option' + Arrow keys to select zoom area

Read more about the capabilities of PUNCH here


Don't Forget Settings! 

Audio Normalization, Noise Reduction, and Volume Increase -- Enhance audio pre-processing for better silence detection. The output of the audio is not impacted.

Automatically Detect Db Level -- For bulk editing jobs where editors have a fixed db value to maintain in silence detection settings. This value will override default value when enabled. 

Render with CUDA -- GPU acceleration for machines with a Windows CUDA processor. 

EDL Export -- You can create the splits but keep the silences for granular manual editing in an NLE like Premier, Resolve, or FCXP. 

Jump cut editor

See Release Log for product updates.