Now a way to bulk remove silence and dead air from video and podcasts


Remove silence gaps and dead air automatically 


Inside every one-hour show is ten-minutes of wasted time. Time to reply, think, and breathe. The brain fills empty space with distraction. The voices that tell you to stop paying attention.

I produce training videos with audio commentary. In order to tighten up the commentary, I go through the entire video and highlight & delete all the bits where there is no, or very low, audio (with auto ripple selected). But it takes ages, because I’m also taking out the small 1/2-second pauses and hesitations while I’m thinking about what to say.
— Orish - VideoMaker Forum
I have dozens of video files containing scenes of movement interspersed with 5-10 second periods of nothing happening (many identical frames in a row). There’s no audio track and I’d like to strip the identical frames to remove those pauses and keep only the movement.
— StackExchange
It seems that many people are looking for the same thing. I record tutorials and lectures for students. Moment of silence include time during which I am writing. A SIGNIFICANT amount of time can be removed if these sections are simply cut. Indeed, I can do that by hand (and do, like everyone else on this thread). We are all asking that ‘software’ could do this for us. It seems easy to code and would be very heavily used.
— Tom Hemmick - TechSmith