3 Tips To Know // v3.1.1

Jul 07, 2020
Automatic video editor

 Here are 3 ideas to help you get the most out of TimeBolt: 

1. Reverse Timeline -- ever want to see what all the accumulated awkward silence adds up to? Click 'Flip Timeline' and watch all the nothingness you save audiences from having to sit through!

2. Export to iMovie or Camtasia -- Select 'Export Cuts' and import all rendered cut files as individual videos (minus the silence) into any popular editor. Unlike XML export this option will also allow you to keep speed ramps! 

3. Manual Edits -- Do you want to keep or remove segments manually? You can! Maybe you sneeze, want to cut a segment, or keep a period of silence. Click activate timeline editing mode to manually select what to keep / ignore. 

For a complete list of features in TimeBolt look here