Remove Silence, Fine-tune Cuts, and Render 

Think of TimeBolt as a video editor that turns on and off by when you speak. Mistakes are easy to cut. Silences are auto removed. Scenes sped up. Smarter video without burnout.

*To save and export requires a paid account.*


Import or Capture

- Import any video or audio file

- Record webcam, screen, and audio with TimeBolt's capture tool


jump cut import TimeBolt
jump cut settings


Check settings

DB level set from -30 to -40db. Almost always.

Remove silences longer than .5 sec. Never less. 

Ignore detections keep at .75 sec to cut random noise.

Left Pad .01 - .15 sec

Right Pad .12 - .15 sec always to prevent cutoff of long 's' / 'p' sounds. 

If you update click 'Update Silence Detection' button


Manually cut or keep any scene or word


Shortcuts to know:

Click ‘L’ to start / speed up the playhead.

Click ’O’ to turn scenes on / off

Click ’S’ to split the timeline


jump cut editor TimeBolt
export final cut pro TimeBolt

Speed-up scenes  

Have to visually describe something? Make a rule to stop talking and then speed-up the scene in TimeBolt.

Segments to be sped up are shown in orange. 


Apply transitions, loop background audio

Transitions Blog Post
render jump cuts


Render video as a single file to your desktop 

- Add additional videos to Render Queue to keep editing

- Export as a WAV audio file only for podcasts as well