Spend more time live streaming games, not editing video 

Automate the purely technical parts of cutting dead-air from long Twitch gameplay.

Jump cut gameplay


jump cut multi-track audio game


Export Gaming Jump Cuts Automatically


No longer get burnout editing the hours of game-time you live stream on Twitch. 

You literally control when video is on / off and even sped-up by when you talk. 

Auto detect silences

Jump cut three-hours of recorded gameplay in under three-minutes. Then edit while previewing the timeline up to 4x speed. 

Speed-up the action with FastForward silences 


Multi-track audio support

By recording multi-track audio in OBS, you can ignore game audio and just cut to your voice. Random noise won't interfere with cutting to the action. 

Multi-track audio support

Select which tracks to combine or exclude. You can ignore game audio, jump cut to commentary, then recompile with all tracks synced and cut automatically. 


Render to your computer. Or export into Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Resolve