Can transitions offer an alternative to the jump cut?

jump cuts new feature transitions Nov 24, 2020

Jump Cut This!

Today jump cutting dead air is the #1 edit tool for creators to cheat time and keep attention by controlling the pace of information. From moment-to-moment the jump cut can delete micro-pauses that accumulate to minutes of silence.  

Before content ID in 2010 video uploaded to YouTube was capped at ten minutes long. In the early days the jump cut evolved as the primary mechanism to control a timeline with simple cuts.

Now time constraints are self imposed and real screen time is up for grabs. With the release of iOS 14 video now sits atop every app on your device. You can watch a video, type in notes, and multi-task in any app and never stop watching.

Still jump cuts are far from utopia.

Jumpcuts can be described as jarring and hard on the eyes. But time-starved listeners clearly adapt. Last year 26% of podcast listeners 1.5x the playback speed of shows...what can be any less natural than Alvin and the gang?

TimeBolt has over 30 basic transitions to test which now render without a loss in processing speed.The challenge we look to solve is how to blend one scene into the next for the most natural flow possible.

This video compares jump-cuts, cross-fade, and dissolve transitions automatically cut and generated inside TimeBolt.

Note: when setting timing for transitions make sure 'Transition Duration' is .05 seconds less than the 'padding' duration. 

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