4th Generation TimeBolt // Game Changer

4th generation video editing Aug 13, 2020

Why is TimeBolt 4th Generation the fastest app ever to cut video? 

Record screen + webcam direct in TimeBolt or select any file. After silences are terminated for you, preview the timeline at 2x speed, cut into any scene, overlay music as a final touch and click run. Even export XML footage in bulk.

This is what's new in build 4.0.0: 
CAPTURE: Record your webcam and screen. Because it's a desktop tool any part of your screen is game. Then shift right to automated silence removal and rapid scene editing to fine-tune the output. 
MANUAL EDITOR: Cut scenes or words from a timeline at record pace. Edit scene by scene at 2x playback. Hear a filler word? Just hit a quick key and mark it red. No more filler word. Have silence you want to keep? Mark it green. That simple. 
  • To split the timeline Command + B, CTRL + B, Command + D, CTRL + B. 
  • Spacebar controls the playhead. 
  • To move frame by frame use arrow keys. Shift+Arrow to move 10 frames each click.
  • See how-to Tutorial in our Features Explained section
PROCESSOR: Encode at the exact same bit rate & quality as source file. Plus CUDA GPU acceleration support. 
POST: Loop background music at % volume of master audio. 
For the full list of product features see our guide. We serve gamers, educators, YouTuber's, and Enterprise