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dougs dog edit gopro video gopro editing software rapid action camera video editor stitch timebolt May 10, 2024

You don't get a GoPro action cam because you want to be tied to a computer editing all evening. Polishing long, action-packed videos doesn't need to be a marathon. And you just found the only speed tool for the job. 

Edit GoPro video for YouTube faster than it took to record it.

TimeBolt is a rapid video editing tool for Windows and Mac. In this post I walk you through the process of turning lengthy GoPro footage into polished, ready-to-share videos in record time. Ready for YouTube means:

  •  Cut all unnecessary material
  •  Whatever you don’t cut, FastFoward or even Slow Mo
  •  Show people where to focus with Punch and Zoom
  •  Type copy / paste chapters for YouTube
  •  Mark key scenes to combine into a highlight reel
  •  Assemble multiple video and audio files into one
  •  Apply background audio to specific clips
  •  Boost rate of speech by 12% across your video with TURBO Mode
  •  Render a fully cut timeline in 4k or HD up to 60 FPS.

 And to demonstrate the unprecedented speed of TimeBolt, I started a YouTube channel. 

Dougs Doug Channel

I strapped a GoPro to my dog, and film trips to the dog park. My dog Shadow catches frisbees. Other dogs try and take it, which makes for some great footage. My raw video is often between 15 to 45 minutes long, filmed in 4k at 60 FPS, with the longer videos upwards of 15 gigs. 

TimeBolt Overview 

TimeBolt uses sound detection to remove dead-air with far greater accuracy and speed over editing with transcriptions and text. This tool is designed not just to trim the fat from your videos by removing dead air and unwanted "ums" and "uhs," but also to handle action footage without relying on sound detection.

The software is powered by your computer, and sits on your hardware, where the file already is. Meaning, no unnecessary trips to the cloud. Also time just doesn't disappear in between two periods, so you can do things like FastForward time as well.

Download TimeBolt for WIN or Mac computers. 


Step 1: Determine Type of Action Footage and Run Automations

There are three general types of footage with GoPro that each require a different strategy to detect sound. 


In this bucket is video like Dougs Dog, SCUBA, or simply recording your ride on a bike. The recording is less dependent on when you talk, and more about footage that is visually interesting. For these videos, put detect silences longer than at ten seconds or more, so no automatic cuts are made by TimeBolt. Your job will simply be to use a couple keyboard shortcuts to remove what you don't want, and enhance what you keep. 


Included are videos of you talking to a GoPro camera and recording a video at your desk. Very little background noise. In this instance when you talk determines if video is worth keeping. To auto detect silence and unnecessary mic strikes or coughs use these settings:


In this GoPro recordings bucket are Vloggs which happen in heavy background noise, such as motorcycles, while driving with road noise, or interviews in-front of a jet engine. With this use case you must run Umcheck, not to remove filler words, but to ignore all non human language and cut to the commentary. 

  1. Open Umcheck
  2. Click 'Remove All Non Human Sounds'.

NOTE: When you change default settings click 'Update Silence Detection Settings' to apply the changes. 


STEP 2: Enhance What You Keep

Dougs Dog Gopro footage is mostly action shots; what I say in audio is secondary. I don't want to auto detect silence. I manually split the timeline for each cut. My goal is simply to keep, delete, or slow down the action so my video is no longer than necessary. 

This is where you will learn to do the following on your first pass editing. You only have to watch your video once. 

To take full advantage of TimeBolt, enhance your footage in this order:

  1. Turn preview playback to 1.5x speed. Now when you click spacebar, you'll preview faster than live. 
  2. Press the keys S-O-B. There is no faster way to cut footage out.  
    1. S = Split timeline
    2. O = Turn scene off
    3. B = Backcut scene 
  3.  Check 'FastForward' scenes, and manually change the bar above the playhead to orange
  4. Punch in and show where to focus with a right click. (Or press the 'P' key, and then alt/option + arrow keys to change zoom area)
  5. Press the key 'M' to highlight key scenes to combine into a teaser at export
  6. Right click and type in Chapter markers that copy / paste into YouTube 



Step 3: Export Your Highlight Reel 

After marking the must-keep moments, use the "Keep Only Marked Cuts" option to isolate these highlights. This segment becomes your teaser or the opening reel, setting the tone for what follows. Simply save your JSON, rename the saved JSON file so it doesn't get overwritten when saving your primary project JSON, and the cuts will be applied when you move to the next step, Stitch. 

Once your JSON for the cuts in your highlight reel are saved, click CMD Z to undo, and your original timeline is restored. Make sure to do all your edits for what Markers to keep in the primary timeline so you can quickly CMND Z out of Markers. 


Step 4: Stitch and Structure Your Video

Click the blue Stitch icon on the left. Now, stitch together your video segments: start with the highlight reel, followed by any promo videos, and then the main content. TimeBolt's 'Stitch' feature makes this process intuitive and straightforward. Simply drag to reorder the clips as needed and preview the seamless flow from one segment to another. 

Here is how I arrange my videos in Stitch:

1. Main video file -- apply JSON saved when saving Markers 

2. Promo video of main channel

3. Main video file -- apply JSON 


Step 5: The Final Touch is Export 

With TimeBolt, you have the flexibility to export in various formats and resolutions, from 4K at 60 frames per second to 1080p, vertical or horizontal. Don't forget to download the chapter markers you created during editing. These can be copied and pasted directly into your YouTube video description, automatically adjusting for any added promo or preview clips, and even combining multiple main files with YouTube Chapters. 

Note: very soon when exporting with Stitch, you will be able to pre-combine and apply background audio to multiple clips, before your primary video so the audio loops. For example, you will be able to combine your teaser video made with Markers and channel promo video so your background audio flows through both clips. As of 5/10/24 you must apply background audio to Markers and export as a single video before adding to Stitch. 


GoPro Your Next Shot

As you let TimeBolt render your polished 4K footage, you're free to plan your next adventure or simply relax. This streamlined process, where editing is done faster than recording, is a game-changer for GoPro enthusiasts and content creators alike. With TimeBolt, you're not just editing videos; you're crafting compelling narratives that are ready to captivate your audience on YouTube.

By following these steps with TimeBolt, you transform the daunting task of video editing into a swift, enjoyable process, ensuring your GoPro adventures are shared quickly and with quality that speaks for itself. So gear up, capture your moments, and let TimeBolt handle the rest—because your stories are waiting to be told!

If you're into watching how dogs interact (and a little bit of dog drama), checkout Doug's Dog YouTube channel