Jan 31, 2020

The growth in demand for online learning content has lead to an explosion of platforms and supply of courses. The pressure to keep attention and deliver exceptional video lessons requires you to edit content for online audiences.

For creators of video education and podcast content spend more of your time planning and making lectures not editing video.

By removing dead air and compressing silence—that until now took hours of painstaking manual work—educators can expect to save learners between 15% - 50% of time for every course. You keep attention longer, obviate the bulk of workload to edit video, and standout from the crowd with faster information flows.

In addition to deleting dead air, sometimes what happens in the silence matters. For example as a math problem develops or as you illustrate a process. Here are two examples of online courses with dead air removed and long-pauses compressed, both automatically edited and optimized with TimeBolt:

Example 1

  • Original lecture = 2hrs 47 minutes. 

  • TimeBolted = 2hrs 1 minute. 

  • Time Saved = 46 minutes of dead air (27% of time saved)

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Credit to Professor Leonard, teacher of math. YouTube Channel

Example 2

  • Original lecture = 58 minutes

  • TimeBolted = 37 minutes

  • Time Saved = 19 minutes of dead air (32% of time saved)

Credit to Oxford Mathematics
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