Now 52% faster!!! // TimeBolt v3.0

Jun 14, 2020
Automatic video editor

With the release of TimeBolt 3.0 video processing is now 50% faster. We optimized the processing algorithm to rip through video of any type faster than ever before. 

To demonstrate I ran two tests. The first test directly compares processing time of TimeBolt version 2.8.15 vs the new TimeBolt 3.0. The second test shows how long it takes for TimeBolt to analyze a file so you can select filter levels and let the program run in the background. 

TEST ONE - How much faster is TimeBolt 3.0?

The file is a 5-minute MP4 (1280 x 720 MP4 with 2-track audio, 502 MB) tested on both a dual core and quad core processor. The filter output levels in TimeBolt were set to high and large. 

1) MacBook Pro

- 1.4 GHZ, Quad Core i5, 8 GB memory, Intel Iris Plus Graphics

Filter Time: TimeBolt 2.8.15 = 05:38    vs    TimeBolt 3.0 = 02:59


2) MacBook Air

- 1.7 GHZ, Dual Core i7, 8 GB memory, Intel HD Graphics 5000


Filter Speed Test: Version 2.8.15 = 20:37    vs   Version 3.0 = 08:59


It's important to note that stripping the audio for TimeBolt to analyze and recommend filter levels is the only step that will require some action after the file is analyzed. Meaning, after you hit run the remainder of the process is automated and runs in the background to free you up. 

TEST TWO - How quickly can you start processing a video in TimeBolt? 

For this test the file was a 5-minute 1920 x 1080 MP4. Results:

1) MacBook Pro = 9 Seconds

2) MacBook Air = 17 Seconds

In practical terms with a one-hour video file to filter using TimeBolt v3.0 it will only take 3 to 6 minutes to reach the filter options screen wherever everything that happens after is automated, or you can export XML into a popular NLE. 

If you decide to filter a 1-hour 1080P video native in TimeBolt with a quad-core machine you are looking at 48 minutes filtering time ...while of course you move on to do whatever you want!

I personally would rather spend time with the family, run the dog, create something artistic, meet with friends, or of course keep building on a mutual passion I share with my co-founder, TimeBolt. 

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