Automatically remove silence, speed-up scenes, and rapidly cut commentary in video and podcasts.




'Part of the appeal for me is knowing my competitors are grinding away on stuff I can do in mere seconds.'

Aaron Rutten (193k Subs)


Rapid Video Editor for WIN & MAC

Automatic Jump Cuts

Auto Remove Silence

Remove silence and jump cut an hour of video in 48 seconds. Video or audio only, any duration.

Jump cut video timeline

Cut or Keep

Cut or keep any word or scene previewing video and audio up to 4x speed.

Export Jump Cuts

Punch In / Out

Show where to focus and zoom in with the letter P and arrow keys.

Export Jump Cuts


Render video right to your desktop or export to Premiere, Final Cut ProDaVinci Resolve, and Camtasia


Export Jump Cuts


Speed-Up Silence, Loop Background Audio, and Apply Transitions.

Export Jump Cuts

Multi-Track Video

For advanced YouTube editors, sync video in Premiere or FCPX and apply cuts like magic.

Export Jump Cuts

Multi-Track Audio

Select which audio tracks to cut or ignore. Made for gaming video editors.

Export Jump Cuts

Capture (Beta) 

For quick video capture your webcam, screen, and any audio source.

 The fastest editor to jump-cut Video!

Select How You Will Export

Proven Jump Cutting App 

For vloggers, gamers, employees, and educators of all editing skill levels.

New TURBO / Markers / Batch in v4.6.0

Punch In & Out | TimeBolt Feature

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Edit multi-camera video in Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve